Orcatorch D900V Video Light Review

by Justin Carmack

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This week we got to dive with and review a new prototype D900V video light from OrcaTorch, a company that makes a ton of great dive gear, from video lights, dive torches strobes and more. We were excited to be one of the first to check out this light, and give them our thoughts.

Aalia, writer and diver for Art Of Scuba Diving, took the prototype diving in the murky waters of Texas, to see how it held up. She is happy to report that not only was she impressed with the brightness and easy use of the video light, but that it would now be a key tool in her underwater video arsenal!

Check out her comprehensive review of the light, and let us know what you think! I know I can’t wait for this guy to hit the shelves so I can get a pair, to add some color to my underwater videos.

A good video light with a wide arching beam, is essential for divers who shoot underwater video, if you want a clear photo with vibrant color. Video lights eliminate the need for red filters, and get rid of those ugly blue and greens, bringing out actual color of the underwater world. This light performed just that.