OrcaTorch D530 Dive Light Review

by Franco Tulli

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Finally came in my hands the wonderful new product of Orcatorch: the small torch D530.

Small but powerful, it is really interesting for many categories of diving lovers and professionals. The features, unique for this category of the torch, speak for themselves:


- 1300 Lumens at maximum power

- 4h30min Max Runtime

- 150m Water Resistance

- 1.0m Impact Resistance

- 8° Beam Angle with Peak Beam intensity.

The packaging is simple but complete with every accessory: 

67194749_2462529297309467_4442989675954569216_n (1).jpg


We find the strap to keep it on your wrist, the charging cable, the lithium battery 18650, the instruction manual and the warranty; also there are the o-rings and the orange gasket replacement.


Particular is the rechargeable battery provided: it is equipped with a USB port!  It is therefore not necessary to use another accessory to recharge it, but simply use the cable supplied and a power supply for any mobile phone or USB device or, in the absence of this, even a computer or car socket. 

Once the package has been opened, it is necessary to remove the contact protection from the battery,  unscrew the torch, where the double o-ring that guarantees a great seal is immediately visible, and once the 18650 supplied has been correctly inserted, it is immediately operational.  



The D530, from the very first moment it is held in the hand, gives an immediate feeling of strength and high-quality materials. Although extremely small, it remains ergonomic and easy to use with its single central power button with two powers. These features, together with the extreme power and penetration of its light, making it ideal for use as a backup torch for all kinds of diving with ARA, and perfect for freedivers, where the long life and concentration of light makes the difference.  Obviously there is the possibility to use it as a torch pointing for the photographic activity, but in this case, it needs an accessory to be purchased separately for mounting on the case.  


An almost unique feature for its category, but extremely useful is the LED in the power button that indicates the state of charge of the battery: green for a charge of up to 70%, orange between 70% and 30%, red between 30% and 10%, red flashing under 10%. Another gem, which can be really comfortable, is the possibility to enter in "airplane" mode by holding down the button for a few seconds, the lamp will flash twice and then enter a mode where any pressure on the button will not lead to any light being switched on. It will then be sufficient to quickly press the button twice to restore the functionality of the torch.

The first time you turn it on, you'll be amazed! WOW' is the exact exclamation that comes spontaneously when you try the light of this small torch. You can't believe how much power can come out of such a small object. Making comparisons is always difficult, but even in a comparison with direct competitors, you are not disappointed. 


                                               Power Low                                                                                                    Power High

There is a powerful central focus, but the light also extends, in part, to the edges, giving good visibility even in the suburbs. The quality and warmth of the light are also excellent, and it succeeds in restoring the innumerable shades of color of the depths of the sea.

The price is not high, in line with the competitors, and in a very favorable quality ratio.