Why Local Diving?

Media Reports

Aside from the obvious global health concerns circulating throughout the world, there are countless benefits to local diving. From sharpening your skills to extending your dive season here are some of the advantages to indulging in local scuba diving:


1. Refine and Learn New Skills

It’s easy to be a good diver in warm water with limited gear and great visibility. Holiday divers are divers who submerge themselves a handful of times per year while vacationing down south. And while it’s fantastic that divers are taking the time to experience the joys of the underwater world, many holiday divers are out of practice and don’t challenge themselves to learn their sport under different conditions. Practicing and getting used to scuba diving in a different set of cold, low visibility conditions allow a diver to challenge their abilities, develop new skills, and become a well-rounded diver. By learning to dive locally, divers are able to engage in frequent diving, meaning that they’ll be underwater more often, ultimately refining their skills and avoiding the intermittent dive trip rust.


2. Extend the Dive Season

As humans, we are always in search of more time; more hours in a day, an extra five minutes. Scuba diving is no different.Local diving allows divers to enjoy scuba diving beyond the mere vacation setting. It permits hobbyists to become acquainted with the scuba diving opportunities close to home. And this in turn results, not only in more frequent diving but also in an extended scuba season.Who wouldn’t want to skip the bittersweet moments of packing away dive gear post-travel, and instead dive practically year-round?

3. Supporting Local

COVID has brought so much talk about supporting and contributing to the local economy, and dive shops and clubs are one such business.Being a local scuba diver means that not only will you be getting your tanks filled and equipment serviced locally, but you most likely will also be diving with a local shop or club. In these hardened times, where every penny counts, being a client to these small businesses can go a long way in keeping them afloat and you may also find that through supporting local small businesses you’ll get recommendations catered to your skillset and overall better customer service.

4. Eco-Friendly

Keeping your dive plans local not only benefits you as a scuba diver but is also great for the environment.Travel is one of the main causes of global warming and increasing pollution levels. By eliminating this factor and scuba diving locally you are ensuring sustainability in the diving industry by reducing your carbon and waste footprint.