What Safety Rules You Should Know About Spearfishing

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Spearfishing has some kind of danger for us humans. There are some safety rules that are important that you need to follow and help you avoid any unfortunate incidents.

First, please always stay close to your guide and follow his or her’s instructions. In large part, this because the art of freediving or practicing apnea can lead to a person blacking out underwater. Therefore, all activities are performed with a buddy system and in the near proximity of your guide.

Second, Be careful about how you hold your speargun underwater. Do you know that sharp end? It can hurt you or your fellow spearfishing mates. That’s why you always keep the speargun facedown in the water, and not pointed at the feet or bum of the person in front of you.

Third, Spearfishing at night is not for everyone, but it adds a new level of difficulty and excitement to spearfishing. if you do night spearfishing, remember to bring your dive light. 

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Finally, never ever lose sight of the people around you, especially when someone is hunting a fish. Always be aware and maintain a say distance between your fellow spearos and that day’s lunch.