How To Choose The Suitable Video Lights for U/W Photography?

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Underwater photography makes us fully aware of the complex details of the underwater world. We have the chance to inspect everything we are interested in when diving underwater.

When we dive in the dark underwater, lights are the basic tools to illuminate underwater while diving or photographing. Diving lights are mainly divided into three categories, such as recreational lights, video lights, and technical lights. As we know, underwater photographers have very high requirements for dive lights, especially when composing clear and real pictures.

orca torch wide angle video dive lights

Choose the suitable video lights for U/W photography

First of all, luminance is the key consideration when you choose the video light. In most cases, the quality of the battery greatly affects the brightness of the light. The OrcaTorch video lights can be ignored the change of battery voltage and provide almost constant brightness for most of the time, improving the lighting effect and making full use of every power of the battery. Maybe its lights will be your best choice.

Second, the beam angle of the dive light is also the point that you considered. For underwater photography, a wide beam angle is necessary.

Third, water pressure resistant construction also affects your diving photography, the depth of most flashlights is rated to 100meters, this is already satisfying for most people.

dive light underwater photography

Of course, there must be other factors that affect our choice of video lights, such as price,size&weight and so on. Video lights are very important and essential for all underwater photographers!