Is Snorkeling Safe?

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“Is snorkeling safe?”I think this is a question most snorkeling beginners will ask. Because no matter what kind of diving, safety is always the first thing that people will consider. Compared with other diving, I think snorkeling is a safer one. 

Talk about snorkeling, it is simply diving underwater to see the wildlife and experience nature. For some, this is funny and safe, for others, it is dangerous. The reality is both. But as long as we obey the safety rules, we will avoid most danger.


Attention to snorkeling

1.If you are a beginner in snorkeling, you must first understand the basic snorkeling gear(mask, snorkel, and fins)that you will need for snorkeling, and make sure that your snorkeling gear is safe, and then you can dive happily. Besides, you have to bring dive lights at night, and please remember it is dangerous to go snorkeling at night alone. 

2.Find a suitable place for snorkeling. Don't snorkel in the front wave area of the reef, choose the side or the back. If the waves are strong, you are very likely to be hit by the waves against the reef, from being bumped and scratched, and from being severely unconscious.

3.Pay attention to the direction of the waves and the weather conditions. Snorkeling is not suitable for cloudy, rainy, or windy weather. Besides, You should take locals' advice around the dangers of snorkeling in specific areas - dangerous marine life, tides, rips, rocks, etc. 

4. Before snorkeling, you must learn all about it. Read and learn from experienced snorkelers.

Benefits of snorkeling

Snorkeling is a full-body exercise that helps in improving physical fitness. Besides, it is also a relaxing workout as well as a wonderful excuse to invest your time in nature’s lap. Not only does the spectacular marine life make you go tipsy but also lets you explore and rediscover the natural treasures of the sea.