How To Get Ideal Underwater Photos?

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1. Step closer. Water affects color, contrast, and sharpness, so it’s better to get as close to the creatures as possible. For underwater photographers, a fisheye lens is important because it increases the field of view and allows the shooter to get much closer to large subjects. Then with the use of underwater flashing lights to shoot ideal photos. Besides, in addition to choosing a suitable camera lens, you must control your buoyancy, which is one of the most important skills required by divers and underwater photographers. 

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2. Camera settings. To take a clear and lack of apparent distortion photo, it is necessary to set the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. 

3. video light. As the sunlight hits the water and filters through the depths of the ocean it gets absorbed, and therefore lost. Therefore, video lights play a very important role in underwater photography. For underwater photographers, the brightness of the light determines whether you can take clear pictures. The powerful underwater photography lights can restore the underwater landscape and biological colors and make the shots less likely to appear greenish or blueish tones.

4. Perfect composition. An amazing photo should have a visual impact: a bright foreground subject, attractive background themes, such as the sun, diver, school of fish, etc. Before underwater photography, learn in advance to understand the rules of composition and apply them in practice. Over time, you can quickly identify which scenes are more suitable for which composition method.

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5. Marine creatures. Underwater photographers not only need to have photography skills and good control of buoyancy, but also the ability to recognize different behaviors of marine life, predict their behavior in advance, and capture the perfect scene.