What Equipment Does A Cave Diver Need?

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For technical divers, they are familiar with two ways to help them cave diving and carry their tanks into a cave. They are back-mount and side-mount. Of course, they also need dive lights.

Generally speaking, when most cave divers try to through a small and dark cave, they often use back-mount two tanks. Because it's adequate to help them through a cave. On the contrary, it's a little dangerous for them to carry side-mount tanks. Because alongside your body, with a tank carried under each arm, what may look embarrassed on the surface is an enjoyable and versatile system underwater. Actually, for cave divers, this will increase the space on both sides of the body, and side-mount does take some time to get used to, especially swapping regulators every so often to ensure equal gas usage. So it's less popular for now. But it may likely replace traditional back mount setups in the future. 

underwater dive light

Besides, except for carrying tanks, cave divers also need three dive torches. Firstly, buy a primary light that is specialized for cave diving. OrcaTorch D630, which is a perfect canister dive light with a focused beam for technical diving. A dimmer light with a focused beam will be far more useful in a cave than a bright, wide-beamed video light. The backup dive torches can be any style, commonly are portable and light dive lights. The last are multiple reels. nothing is absolute. Before you buy these, it's better to talk to your instructor to ensure that you're getting the correct dive torch.