How Can You be Safe While Spearfishing?

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Spearfishing is a dangerous underwater activity, at the same time, it’s also a perfect opportunity to combine some aspects of outdoor recreation into one. It can be divided into two categories: scuba spearfishing and free diving spearfishing. Both scuba diving and free diving bring their own challenges and proper education and training is essential prior to participating in these activities. When combining it with spearfishing, one should obey some important safety rules.

1. Follow the instructions of your guide. Before you go free diving spearfishing, you must learn to practice apnea underwater. When free diving you will hold your breath for a prolonged period of time, but still sufficient oxygen needs to reach your central nerve system and muscles. So these activities are performed with a buddy system.

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2. Stay at a distance from the people around you. When you are hunting a fish or the others are doing it, it is best to keep a safe distance.

3.Hold your spear gun firmly. The tip of the spear gun is very sharp. When handled incorrectly, it might seriously hurt you or others. So when you spearfishing, you have to keep the spear gun either on land or in the water face down; never point it to other people.

4. Bring your dive light while spearfishing at night. Spearfishing at night brings extra challenges and is therefore not suitable for everyone. But it adds a new level of excitement and fun. If you do night spearfishing, don't forget to carry your spearfishing torch.