The Most Popular Dive Light in 2021 – OrcaTorch D710

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OrcaTorch D710, with max 3,000 lumens, is small but mighty, which is one of the strongest dive torches in its class, suitable for any divers. For cave divers, it's a great backup dive light because of its compact size. While for scuba divers, it can be a wonderful primary dive light. This light has the output, power, and rugged construction to cope with the toughest conditions. For beginners, the ideal main Torche, for technical diving/Cave diving, best backup light, you can put in on the helmet, is not heavy, you have pushbutton, easy to handle with drysuit gloves

1. Lights Output.

OrcaTorch D710 is the most powerful new dive torch, you have 4 brightness settings to choose from in long press(about 0.5s). It toggles between different modes and you can choose the brightness setting with a side-mounted push-button switch and puts out low to 400 lumens, up to 3000 lumens in a focus  6-degree beam angle. The narrow cone of light can feel a little restricted at times, but penetrates well into the gloom and has a soft but well-defined edge. 

2. Battery & Burn Time. 

The light runs on one OrcaTorch 21700 5000mAh rechargeable Li-on battery with Type-C charging port, which is easy for you to charge. Its battery burns for near 8 hours at 400 lumens. You don’t have to take lot of chargers with you, just C-USB cable. 

ORCATORCH D710 Best Dive Lights

3. Safe Lock Function.

Different from other dive lights, the safe lock function of OrcaTorch D710 is long pressed and held the side switch for 5s, and then double-click the side button to unlock after it's locked, which is very convenient for divers to use when they are diving. 

4. Battery Power Indicator.

When the light blinks a low-battery warning and automatically steps down the output to conserve power. When the led indicator flashes red, you should charge your battery. For backup-light on my helmet I don’t see it, but before the dive (testing) you can see if it’s charged or not. 

5. The water pressure resistant construction of this underwater flashlight is depth rated to 150 meters. Used to dive deeper than 100m with the D710, I’m planning to go deeper than 150m with the OrcaTorch dive lights, but for the most divers also technical divers is 250m enough.