What're the Pros of Doing a Night Dive? - Fluorescence Night Diving

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Dive at night is very charming and funny. It’s not scary at all, and sometimes you wave your hand around and the phosphorescence makes things all sparkly. Dive at night will let you see a different underwater world.

1. A Different Underwater World

If you have never dived at night, it is difficult to imagine how to dive at night. But for divers who like night diving, the charm of night diving is quite fascinating! The underwater scenery at night is definitely not inferior to the daytime. And the underwater world at night is not as dark as everyone imagined! For night diving in the sea with good visibility, the brightness is quite bright, about the same as the night in a mountainous. The visibility of diving depends on the illumination of the dive lights carried. If you are interested in diving at night, it's commended to carry 3 dive torches while diving: primary dive light, backup dive light, and the indicator. For most recreational night divers, OrcaTorch D710 is your best choice to select a primary dive light. 

OrcaTorch best dive torch D710.jpg

2. Feel the Tranquility and Moonlight

When night comes, when the aquatic life changes shifts, the creatures that are common during the day will hide in their nests to rest. Instead, the creatures accustomed to activities at night will begin to haunt. This is the most attractive point of night diving---you can see creatures that are completely different from those in the daytime and feel the different tranquility and beauty through the moonlight on the bottom of the sea. 

3. Fluorescence Night Diving

If you think you have seen enough of the underwater world at day, it's time to try fluorescence night diving. You will find things stunning you have never seen before. Besides, under different underwater video lights, especially UV dive light, through the filter lens, ensure that you will see the amazing colors and incredible beauty.