5 Best Tips to Improve Your Breathing for Diving

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One of these skills of advanced scuba divers is improving their breathing. It's the reason why they can stay down for longer, enjoy diving, explore the oceans, and make their air last longer. Here we give you some practical tips to help you improve your breathing for scuba diving.

1. Do Yoga. 

Yoga is not all about bending and stretching yourself into really odd positions, it actually focuses much more on your breathing than you might think. By spending more quality time focusing on your long, slow breathing can reduce your anxiety while diving. Doing yoga every single day, especially the morning of a dive will work wonders to help you be more aware of what your lungs are actually doing. 

2. Breathe Normally.

There's a lot more room in your lungs than what you use most of the day we don't use our lungs to their full potential. Just breathe normally, you'll get more efficient the more you dive. You can practice holding your breath with empty. 

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3. Reduce Energy Consumption

The best way to improve your skills is to go scuba diving a lot. The more time that you spend underwater, you'll actually need the more relaxed because the air will be less. With lower energy use, you require less oxygen and you will naturally lower your breathing rate.

4. Find out Your Breathing Rate. 

it'll be the dwindling amount of oxygen in your bloodstream as your body burns and uses it. But as clever as the human body is it, actually monitors the concentration of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream to tell you when to breathe. if the co2 levels in your bloodstream gets too high then your body starts to scream at and you will be uncomfortable. So it's important to clear out all of that rubbish co2 by breathing properly. To calculate your consumption, swim 10 minutes at 10 meters under light effort.

5. Experience. 

The more you dive, the more comfortable you are and the less excited or panicky you get. Stress can kill you.