Is it Necessary to Learn Swimming for Scuba Diving?

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In my opinion, swimming is not a mandatory prerequisite for scuba diving. But frankly speaking, of course it helps. According to experience, you are unnecessary to have swimming skills before becoming a scuba diver, but it is best that you are not afraid of water, and do not panic or fear when you are completely in water. So is it necessary to know swimming for scuba diving? It depends on your intention. 

If you are going to just experience scuba diving for some times to see the beauty of underwater. You can do it without knowing how to swim. Your instructor will give you half a day of confined water sessions before taking you to the ocean. And they will be with you all the time you are underwater.  

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If you want to get your levels improved and be able to dive autonomously, it is best to learn swimming and train with divers. Diving is different from swimming, but if you can better control your body underwater and make your body coordinate with the sea, then you will have a more perfect underwater experience. 

If you want to be an underwater photographer, in addition to knowing swimming, using underwater video light to take photos, you also have to improve your diving skills to control your buoyancy to take amazing photos. For advanced diving, such as cave diving, wreck diving, and deep sea diving, swimming is an essential diving skill for these kinds of divers. Buoyancy is needed in all the levels. If you have your balance under control, you will also enjoy more, your consumption will go down.