What Should You Avoid Doing After Scuba Diving?

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Most divers know that flying after scuba diving can lead to decompression sickness. However, do you know there are other similar diving rules? Now, let me tell you 7 things you should not do after your diving.

1. Take a Massage. 

According to DAN, "Massage has not yet been linked to the... DCS case." This is a piece of good news. But Experts advise you not to take deep tissue massage. When you take deep tissue massage, it will improve blood flow and may cause bubbles to form. Besides, Muscle soreness may cause soreness, which can lead to misdiagnosis (or delay in diagnosis) of DCS.

2. Flight. 

most divers know that we couldn't fly or go too far up. It is advised that they do not fly until at least 12 hours after the last dive, and this period should be extended to 24 hours after multiple dives or after diving that requires decompression stops during ascent to the surface. 

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3. Climb Mountains.

This not only refers to climbing a mountain but also includes any activities performed at higher altitudes. Although the altitude of the mountain is much lower than the flight of the airplane, actually the environmental pressure is the same. Therefore, any activity at a higher altitude is more dangerous and easy to cause decompression sickness.

4. Heavy Drinking. 

Heavy drinking can cause dehydration and delay the diagnosis of DCS. And alcohol has a blood-thinning effect and that’s not going to affect your decompression in a good way. If you want to relax, drink plenty of water first, and then enjoy some low-alcoholic beverages in moderation.

5. Take a Hot Bath.

It sounds exaggerated, but it's true! When taking a hot bath, as the body temperature increases and blood circulation speeds up, the probability of micro-bubbles in the body will increase, which will increase the possibility of decompression sickness. 

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6. Zipline. 

Zip line is an attractive entertainment activity. There are many zip line activities in the mountains, please pay attention to the altitude before.

7. Freediving. 

If you are a scuba diver as well as a freediver,  remember after a single uninterrupted dive, wait 12 hours before free diving and this period should be extended to 18 hours after several uninterrupted dives or diving for several days.