Top 10000 Lumens LED Underwater Video Light - OrcaTorch D950V Dive Light

Media Reports

Are you looking for an underwater video light with high power lumens for photo/videography? We know that under the ocean warmer colors like yellow-orange and red are the first to go. As we dive deeper that will leave us with blue tinted and darker images without dive lights. So we recommend you choose a video light with a wide angle lens, powerful burn time, and small and compact for its high performance power like OrcaTorch D950V underwater photography light. 

Using an underwater video light brings back the warmer colors furthermore and will let you use lower ISO settings and faster shutter speeds reducing unwanted video noise and making your clips look sharper cleaner and of course more beautiful. Because that's what the underwater will is vividly beautiful and full of life video shooters and scuba shooters. D950V has become the top underwater video light and makes photographers get optimal color and contrast in the deep dark sea and shoot ideal pics. 

    orcatorch underwater video light.jpg

OrcaTorch D950V led dive light is born to conquer the darkness, a led video light specially designed for underwater photography that has a 10,500 lumens brightness level and it covers a wide area. it's so bright, just like bringing the sun into the sea with you, and is capable of brightening larger scenes and marine. Besides, it has one of the highest CRI ratings available on the market at 92 out of 100, while other company's video lights are in the 70 to 85 CRI range.

D950 V has the highest light output with the longest runtime at the brightest setting. This is a video light in beast mode with a brightness level of ten thousand five hundred lumens. It has the spherical toughened glass optical lens which is a special lens for creating even illumination with a 120°wide angle beam. 

As a 10000 lumens underwater video light, OrcaTorch D950V gives you long time lighting with a powerful rechargeable large battery and can be charged via the tail port, which can also be taken out and used as a power bank.