How Can You be Safe While Diving with a Shark?

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There's a polarizing subject about diving with sharks. Some divers are afraid to their bones of the thought of even encountering one, others are very excited to dive with sharks. And If you are interested in diving with sharks, how can you be safe while diving with them? Here we give some practical rules which you must keep in mind.

The first one, know the types of sharks. As we know, not all sharks will attack people to begin with, nurse sharks, whale sharks, white and black-tipped reef sharks, and hammerheads are normally safe to people. But bull sharks and great white sharks are normally dangerous. Most sharks are fond of attacking are surfers, swimmers which look likes seals and turtles, and snorkelers. 

The second one, stay upright underwater. As a matter of fact, most underwater creatures, included sharks, will think you are a weirdo. If you stay upright underwater, which is different from another ocean animal, this amp the weirdness for the shark. 

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The third one, stay with your partners. If you are singled out from your diving group, sharks spot you just like bait. But if you stay with your dive partner, it's unlikely for sharks to attack you.

The fourth one, keep relaxed and calm. Sharks will show aggressive behavior before an attack. Such as a visible arching of its back with downward-pointing pectoral fins, circling, and exaggerated side to side motion as it swims. Panicking and swimming away isn't the wisest of options because this will make you look like prey. If they do not show their aggressive behavior, you just be relaxed for your diving time.

The fifth one, stare at the sharks. If a shark attacks you from your back, you can get rid of it right away by keeping your eyes on it.

The sixth one, dive at mid-day. Most of the sharks mainly feed at dusk and dawn, you should avoid diving with them during this time. 

The seventh one, no bright color, and glowing stuff. Although sharks are considered color-blind, if you carry something bright and glowing, they must be interested in you.