Useful Underwater Photography Tips — How to shoot Stingray Pictures

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When you go to stingray city, you will find it is a challenging environment that is full of amazing photographic subjects swimming all around. it's nice and shallow so you've got plenty of bottom time but there are a few things that you have to deal with in this environment. Here we give you some useful underwater photography tips to help you shoot ideal stingray photos.

Starting with the challenging environment, you need to set up your camera settings, make sure you do not have any air bubbles on your lens and get your white balance down. As the Sun is coming up and down and that in the video gets brighter and darker,  it will change your white balance so you're constantly having to make adjustments for that. Besides, you maybe need to get some underwater video lights on your rig because this bottom is so turbid. 

best underwater flashlight.jpg

As they feed, covered by a layer of sands, or when they are resting, you can approach them and take underwater photos. It's very interesting to create an amazing composition when they are facing the camera and turning. Besides, you can have a try to capture them while they cruise around. But there are some difficulties. So I might advise you to save your efforts for a more planned and meticulous shot rather than trying your luck as they skate around. 

When the sand is white, it's supposed to be blue and there's not a lot of backscatters. That's because you are shooting a custom white balance with ambient light without your stories. what you would have seen would be a lot of a little light backscatter throughout the image and that would have been a real monster to clean up, and you need to make some adjustments with your strobe arms. 

You also need to learn some composition rules. This is the rule of thirds. so I've got two stingrays at the bottom of the image straight to the bottom third of the image, and the boat is through the top of the image in the same sort of area right through that third line. Now they're both lined up directly in the center which makes for a really pleasing image again going back to tonality.