Review OrcaTorch D630 Canister Dive Light

by Kurt Storms

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The OrcaTorch D630 is a canister dive light designed for cave diving, wreck diving. The light delivers up to 4,000 lumens, and its angle adjustable cable allows both 90°and 180° rotation between canister and light head. This makes the OrcaTorch D630 suited for both side mount and back mount diving. Its large capacity battery pack provides up to 5 hours at the brightest mode.

Uses 5* CREE LEDs, max 4000 lumens

90°~180° angle adjustable cable

7° super focus beam

LED indicator offers an instant update of battery status

Rechargeable large capacity battery

5 hours long runtime at brightest mode

Battery can be used as a power bank

Battery charging indicator displays the charging status

Easy operation with side titanium alloy button switch

Safe lock function

Intelligent overheat protection

Depth rated up to 150 meters

Constructed from aircraft-grade high strength aluminum alloy

Test Conditions

Location: Italy, Milford Haven Wreck

Visibility: +20m

Temperature: 14 degrees C, up 22 degrees C

No of Dives: 5

Max Depth 81m

D630 canister dive light.jpg

There is plenty to be impressed about with the OrcaTorch D630 Dive Light! On a recent trip to the Haven Wreck I used it for the first time. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, it is really easy to use. There is a lock to prevent it being turned on accidentally, the switch could be little bigger, specialy when you use it with dry gloves, but it works fine. Once unlocked it is a simple button press to flick through the modes. It is easy to mount and with the adjustable cable angle it can be put wherever suits you best and still have a good hose route. The hose is not to long, ideal size.

This is a great light for wreck diving or using on any overhead environment dive. I have not tried it at night, but I can be confident it would be outstanding for this too. It is a tough, rugged, quality dive light with both impressive battery life and light beam.

The Battery life is very good, I didden’t have to charge it this trip. I used it to a max depth of 81m.

The battery and lighthead, have a good size and very good weight. Ideal to travel. When you charge the battery, you can see by led-lights of the progress, even you can charge your cell-phone with the battery.