D710 Dive Light Review - Max 3000 lumens

Perla Galatolo

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I first tried an OrcaTorch thanks to my instructor and friend Demis, and I was amazed by the quality-cost relationship. However, I was still a newbie and did not have enough resources not even for a backup light... then, again thanks to him, I managed to try the OrcaTorch D710 and fell in love with it, so slowly I saved for it and finally managed to get such a bright and reliable torch that I am loving completely.

I could compare it with a famous brand torch (Razor) for the same price and I must say that my OrcaTorch D710 was indeed brighter and better performant, I am suggesting this torch to every diver I encounter as it is worth it.

D710 underwater dive light.png

This torch has been my trusty companion in many beautiful courses, beautiful dives, beautiful experiences with beautiful people, it has traveled with me in Italy after the long covid period that kept me away from family, it enlightened the sea of my city of birth the first time I dove there and is going to be my "firework" during New Year's Eve as I am planning to be underwater to celebrate it.

(In the photo: My instructor (foreground) with his Orcatorch and me (background) with my D710). There are other photos of my Orcatorch on my Instagram profile, but I think that the one I chose is the one that accompanies better the story: the final awesome dive of my Deep diver course, at the MV Karwela in Gozo, with the person that introduced me to this torches (my instructor). Thank you for your time)