OrcaTorch Shortlisted in the Top Ten Brands of Diving Lights in 2022

Media Reports

    With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like diving, and more and more people yearn for the mystery of the sea, which arouses more and more people's awareness of the unknown world under the sea. The spirit of exploration has aroused many people's curiosity and love for underwater creatures. We have seen various equipment and diving lighting when divers go into the water. The demand for diving lighting is becoming more and more extensive. The corresponding enterprises continue to improve their independent innovation capabilities, improve their technical levels, and continue to launch more energy-saving, safer, and higher-quality brand products and services. to meet the different needs of users.


    It is reported that in the "2022 Top Ten Brands of Diving Lights" evaluation activity, after several months of competition, the top ten brands of 2022 diving flashlights finally ushered in the final announcement moment in a warm expectation. In the list, we are not surprised to see the triumphant entry of OrcaTorch.

OrcaTorch is affiliated with Shenzhen Tuofei Electronics Co., Ltd. OrcaTorch is the leader in diving flashlight lighting. With its excellent ability, each model can beat the crowd, gain a place in the diving lighting industry, and become a highly anticipated existence.

    A well-known brand must have extraordinary strength. Whether it is a product or a brand's reputation, it is at the forefront of many industries and enterprises, illuminating the seabed for everyone, and paving a more correct path for the latecomers. . Therefore, we believe that OrcaTorch will be able to continue to provide high-quality products in the diving flashlight lighting industry. OrcaTorch products are widely used in diving lighting, underwater photography lighting, water rescue lighting, professional diving lighting, diving instructor lighting, water salvage lighting, underwater exploration lighting, cave diving lighting, underwater engineering lighting, etc.



OrcaTorch was founded in 2014 by a few flashlight enthusiasts. The founder, Mr. Weng Weijia, is a senior outdoor sports enthusiast and has more than ten years of high-end flashlight manufacturing experience. When he first dived in Thailand in 2013, he found that divers were using some inferior quality and lack of innovative diving flashlights that often broke at critical moments. That's when he decided to use his talent in the flashlight industry to create a high-quality, innovative brand of diving flashlights and named it OrcaTorch.

    OrcaTorch is named after the whale (ORCA), inheriting the excellent characteristics of the killer whale, and combining with the world's most advanced technology, it has developed a combination of high brightness, long-range, long battery life, deep water pressure resistance, shock resistance and drop resistance, and easy operation and carrying. High-end flashlight. OrcaTorch advocates the sports spirit of "pursuing the self, following the heart; walking as you say it, daring to dare to fight; free and reckless and free to travel anywhere in the world", together with undersea explorers, to experience the joy of exploring the world, to conquer all challenges and Limit, to feel free life.