What do I Need to Prepare for My First Diving?

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What do I Need to Prepare for My First Diving?

Scuba Mask. There are many sub-categories of diving masks. For beginners, they can generally be divided into single-lens masks and double-lens masks. The field of vision of a single-lens mask will be wider than that of a double-lens mask, but it should be noted that if you are short-sighted and need to wear a short-sighted lens, you must choose a double-lens mask.

Dive light. For beginners, dive lights are not really needed for your diving, but it's best to take a scuba diving light as the backup light lighting because the visibility is too low in the underwater world. OrcaTorch D710 can be your first choice with small weight but powerful light output.

Scuba tank. A Scuba tank is something needed as the dive gear, like dive light, camera gear trays, dive accessories, and so on. They are all required for any divers. You can learn more details about the scuba tank via this blog.  Do You Know What Exactly is in the Scuba Tank?

Diving Regulator. Since a person cannot directly inhale the high-pressure air in the cylinder, a breathing regulator is required to decompress the high-pressure air. The breathing regulator is composed of a first-stage head, a second-stage head, a spare second-stage head, a joint meter group (barometer, extensometer, compass), and a low-pressure pipe.

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Wetsuit. The wetsuit is mainly made of neoprene, which is used to isolate the cold water from the outside world to keep the diver's body temperature. Wet clothes have different thicknesses. In most areas of Southeast Asia, the water temperature is above 25°C, and it is enough to choose 3mm wet clothes. Those who are afraid of cold can wear 5mm wet clothes. In most diving areas in Southeast Asia, the water temperature in summer is higher than 30 °C, so you can dive directly in a jellyfish suit or bikini without feeling cold.

Diving fins. Diving fins are used to provide power for divers to move forward underwater. They are divided into sets of feet and adjustable straps. The set of fins can be worn barefoot, but it is best to wear a pair of diving socks to prevent the ankles from being worn. Adjustable strap fins must be used with diving boots.