Three Useful Tips on How to Be A Rescue Diver

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Rescue diver means rescues panicked and unresponsive divers, manage stress in other divers, and prevents and foresees emergency situations. Becoming a rescue diver can help you become a better dive buddy and a more confident diver by role-playing what to do in different scenarios. Here are 3 popular tips on how to be a rescue diver.

The first tip we basically call the bubble. 

Basically, the best way to help in an incident is to try and prevent it in the first place of course when you very first, learn to dive your kind of bubble of awareness is pretty small.  You only really think about yourself but the more that you dive the more you'll start noticing other things and then your bubble of sort of experience kind of expands, and through that kind of knowledge you pick up by air.

 Actually diving more as Rupert moves around on the stones, you basically start seeing small little signs that could actually lead to a bigger problem and then you'll actually be able to nip them in the bud before an accident or an incident occurs, because you've seen those little cubes. So you need to be prepared to become the responsible person of your diet group tapping into the bubble tip, you need to start looking at other people's equipment and what might cause a problem further down the line. Besides, please check your light setup, dive lights are necessary for rescue divers. OrcaTorch technical diving light, such as the OrcaTorch D630 canister dive light can be your diver gear list! You will need confidence to step in at any given point of a dive and take charge this could be just as simple as asking a fellow driver to check if a bolt needs tightening or to call the whole drive off. Because of the weather or some other scenario once you've conquered your confidence responsibility will become second nature to you.

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The second tip is you need to calm down.

You actually have to try to control your own stress if you start freaking out about incidents, it will no doubt just trigger someone else. The next thing you know your entire boat is just in a panic and now you do need to kind of joke around with your friends, and kind of make fun of things, and kind of make everyone feel at ease.  But when something actually hits a fan, you or another one actually needs to be calm and chill, and just deal with the problem at hand. If you're stressed out or appear to be stressed out, then that just can't happen as a rescue driver. You need to be proficient enough not to panic in the water if someone knocks the mask off or pulls out a wreck.


The third tip is that you really do need to love yourself.

This does seem a little bit weird but basically in a nutshell if you can't look after yourself, how are you going to be looking after someone else in the water? 

Being a rescue diver is all about being calm and aware of your surroundings very much like a standard first-aid course. The first step that you need to think about is yourself if you ever need to get into the water to rescue someone. You will need to understand your own limitations, sadly, your life isn't a Hollywood movie if you jump in the water without assessing yourself first, you could land yourself in hot water and you'll be the one that needs to be saved. So think about yourself first because at the end of the day the most important person you need to focus on keeping alive is you. 

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