A Dive Light with Green Laser and White Light | Dive Gear

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Professional divers usually dive with at least 3-5 diving flashlights and maybe more! 

Do you have the light with two light sources? Maybe you have all kinds of diving flashlight equipment, But perhaps you don't have a flashlight with white light and laser! We will recommend a diving flashlight with a laser and powerful white light.


A diving flashlight with dual light sources (white light + laser), the D570-GL laser diving flashlight integrates white light and laser indicator light. White light lighting is used for general underwater lighting, while lasers are used for special underwater scenes.

The laser light source can guide the diving companions to send signals for information transmission. The light color is brighter, which can be used for diving teaching, underwater search, underwater retrieval, and other scenarios.

It is neither heavy nor light (the weight in water is 130g with a battery), it is just right to hold, and it has a texture. As consumers, we do not like bulky products.


Single press the green laser to light up, double press quickly to turn on the white light, the white light range can reach 268 meters, and the laser range can reach 1000 meters, which is enough for our regular diving needs; considering the problem of underwater operation, the OrcaTorch D570-GL flashlight is designed Very simple to operate.

Whether you are a diving enthusiast or a professional diver, the OrcaTorch D570-GL two-in-one laser diving flashlight is worth having diving equipment in terms of function, performance, and craftsmanship.