Review OrcaTorch D900V

by Fiona Ayerst

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Size: medium. A good weight and size for an uw torch or a large/strong focus light for underwater photography. Made from very high quality milled aircraft grade aluminum. 

Contents in box: the light, Li-ion battery, wrist lanyard, spare O-Rings and a ball-joint mounting bracket. Very well presented.

Output Rating:  @2200 lumens, this is a very powerful light. There are low power settings as well as neutral white and cool white settings. This is handy for close-ups and macro work, or for saving power.

Pressure tested to 150 meters.

Runtime:There is no problem at all. It seems to run for ever- Different strengths give you different run times but at 250 lumens you have 18 hours!

Lights:There are four different colors. Nine LED’s provide illumination, with four neutral LED’s, 2 x red and 2 x UVLED’s and then also a cool white spot beam. I did enjoy having this entire array of useful lights packaged into one very powerful unit.

Beam: The main white beam is very even. The beam is not concentrated into a hot spot and has a spread of approx 120 degrees.  There is an 8 degree focus beam which doesn’t’ scare away small critters.


No shortcomings, for videographers, that I could find. Perhaps for a diver without something to mount it on it might be a pain to carry around when not in use. I guess it may have some bracket or way to attach it to SCUBA gear that I don’t know about. 

I think the safe-lock mode should be better explained in the small manual. 

Overall Review:

I loved the magnetic fast charging system. It was the best charging system I’ve ever used. Foolproof.

I found it simple and easy to use once I’d gotten used to the settings. 

I think it is the perfect light for videographers. Just one of them lit up the reef beautifully. I also used it for a few stills wide-angle photos( see below )  and was pleasantly surprised. There is no doubt it would be a perfect light for macro subjects. 

I loved diving with it, even without a camera. It lit up the reef in ways I’d never experienced before and I don’t think I ever want to dive without one again. 

I would love to test two for wide-angle stills as I think they could be a good alternative to strobes, which are currently ridiculously expensive. I didn’t think I’d ever say this- but I have! 

Cost: Commensurate with its exceptional quality at around ZAR 6500 depending on the exchange rate. It should last you a very long time, as I can’t see how you ‘d break it.