Review OrcaTorch D710 Dive Light

by Kurt Storms

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I tested the OrcaTorch D710 dive light during my last trip to the Lot, France.

Review OrcaTorch D710 Dive Light

The testing was done in the caves.

1. Weight: it is lightweight. In the hand or on the helmet as a backup light.

2. Housing: is resistant to shocks, does not look brittle.

3. Button on/off: this is the big advantage of this lamp, the button is a bit higher on the housing, so you always feel the on/off button, even with dry suit gloves. You can easily adjust the light intensity.

4. Light output: 3000 lumens is a nice output from this small but handy lamp. Good battery life of 7hr 40min

You have a spot and beam, which is a must in cave diving, so the light signals come across clearly.

5. Battery: Using 1 battery, it is very convenient to charge it with a USB. No need to carry extra chargers when traveling. Just a small USB cable included in the package is enough.

6. Conclusion: this is the ideal backup light for the cave diver. Robust, strong, good light output, long burn time. Easy to use. I won't replace it with another brand. Has proven its services and I like it.