How To Choose A Dive Light For Spearfishing?

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There are various diving activities in the world, such as photographing, scuba diving, and spearfishing, etc. Today, let’s talk about something about spearfishing.

The history of spearfishing.

Spearfishing was first seen in the Paleolithic Age. Spearfishing was much simpler than today. It was just a bamboo or wooden pole. Thanks to modern developments, we have the chance to get some of the greatest spearfishing gear at inexpensive prices. Because of the widespread dissemination of social media and people's recognition that the underwater world has very rich natural resources, underwater activities such as spearfishing are very popular worldwide.

What dive light is suitable for spearfishing?

There are two types of spearfishing, diving, which requires you to have good physical strength, and scubaing, which requires scuba diving equipment. But no matter which one, there is equipment that needs to be used-dive lights.

orca torch D530.jpg

1.Portable & light dive light.

When we use harpoons to fish underwater, it is inconvenient to carry large dive lights, which is not conducive to our actions. On the contrary, we need to use small and light portable dive lights. OrcaTorch D530 is very suitable for spearfishing. The light uses a titanium alloy side switch that offers 2 lighting modes(1300 lumens & 380 lumens) and 8°super focus beam angle, which allows for easy operation underwater. Besides, it’s a light that has the option of being handheld, mounted in a "glove" mount, and so on.

2.Good water pressure-resistant construction. 

For most orca torch dive lights water pressure resistance under deep water 150m. it's definite to meets your spearfishing needs.

3.Focus beam angle & enough power.

For spearfishing and looking into dark caves, gulleys, a focused beam is very beneficial. It will help you inspect underwater creatures clearly and quickly.